About Us

Awais Virk is Here:

I am the founder of the Parkerbikehub.com

From the age of seven, I loved riding bikes. I am 26 years old and have been involved with cycling since the beginning. My collection consists of many cycling models. During my cycling career, I have encountered many problems. I have gone through this struggle.

What how The purpose to Make a Website..?

The purpose of making this Website is to immense love with my biking.

The purpose of making this website is to reach you about all the problems I faced while cycling for eight to ten hours a day throughout my cycling career.

In addition, helping you choose a bike that meets your Exceptions is under your budget and also is good and wonderful.

 Every information on this website that is being conveyed to you is because my entire team has used this item ourselves and after you have had a deep search on it. In any case, if there are any shortcomings, you can give us feedback, which will help us improve.

Our mission is to openly analyze everything and to convey its flaws and qualities.