Shimano sora vs 105: A Detailed Comparison 

Shimano Sora vs 105 is two popular groupsets for road bikes, with Shimano 105 being the more premium option. Here is a detailed comparison between them:

Weight: The Shimano 105 groupset is lighter than its Sora counterpart due to higher-quality materials and more sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

Speed Differents with Shimano sora vs 105

Shimano offers two groupsets with different speeds: The Shimano 105 groupset comes in 11-speed options, while the Shimano Sora groupset offers 9- and 10-speed options. This gives users more gear choices and precise shifting with the Shimano 105 set.

Brakes: Both groupsets offer rim brakes and hydraulic disc brakes, but the Shimano 105 groupset offers a more advanced hydraulic disc brake option which offers superior stopping power and modulation.

Shifters: Shimano’s 105 groupset features a more advanced shifter design for quick and more precise shifting than its Sora counterpart, which may not shift as smoothly or quickly.

Crankset: Shimano’s 105 groupset offers a more advanced crankset design that is stiffer and lighter than its Sora counterpart, aiding power transfer and performance.

Price: The Shimano 105 groupset is more expensive than its rival, the Shimano Sora groupset, due to its more advanced features and higher-quality components.

Overall, the Shimano 105 groupset offers better performance, features, and a wider range of gears than its competitor the Shimano Sora groupset. On the other hand, cyclists on a budget may find value in choosing between these two options; ultimately it comes down to your individual cycling needs, budget constraints, and preferences.